How Much Do Wood Slab Tables Cost? | Rochester, NY | Timberkrete - TimberKrete
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How Much Do Wood Slab Tables Cost? | Rochester, NY | Timberkrete

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How Much Do Wood Slab Tables Cost? | Rochester, NY | Timberkrete

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We get this question a lot. Our Rochester area clients love the look and feel of solid wood slab tables and so of course the natural first question: How much do wood slab tables cost? We understand that now especially money may be tight for some. And certainly, affordability is going to be a factor in any purchasing decision—particularly with something as substantial as a slab table.

While it is nearly impossible to assign one random price for the broadly defined wood slab table, we thought we would offer some insight into pricing on such pieces in general. Hopefully this helps clarify both price and process a bit for you, so that you do feel good about purchasing solid slab tables.

The Story Behind How Much Wood Slab Tables Cost

So as with anything, you’re looking at a range of factors that go into setting the price point. From the style of the table you have in mind, to the thickness of the wood, to the type of base your wood slab table will have, these all play a part in determining the cost. Let’s take a look at some table features and see how they might influence the final bill.

  • Wood species. This obviously is going to come into play. Our Rochester area clients often like to use species indigenous to the region. That said, there are some affordable options to consider. Whereas a solid walnut dining table for example is going to be probably on the more expensive side, using a wood such as cottonwood could in fact save you. Cottonwood is in abundance in the western New York region and can make for a gorgeous table. Whether more traditional or live edge, these tables come out stunning. So yes, the kind of wood you choose will affect price.
  • The type of edge. As mentioned, tables can be done in a more uniform edge style or we also supply live edge wood slab tables. This simply means that rather than square off the edge, we leave it natural. It will follow the curves and shapes of the original slab. Live edge slab pieces have been incredibly popular among our Rochester, NY customers. But again, there is some cost associated and the edging style will factor into the price tag.
  • Type of base. Leg styles and wood slab table bases can come in a variety of forms. We’ve done some in all metal. We’ve also done all wood, and of course you have the hybrid versions as well. Table design is as much about the legs as it is about the wood slab top. That said, in terms of how much wood slab tables cost, the leg style will definitely affect the overall cost of the piece. Obviously, the simpler the style the less expensive the table will be.
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A Few Other Factors to Keep In Mind…

Certainly this list is not exhaustive as far as what dictates solid slab table pricing, in Rochester or any other region. But again, we just wanted you to be aware of how we arrive at the cost to the customer.

  • Finish. Finish on the table is actually huge when it comes to pricing said table. Finishes can vary widely. Some people prefer just a light oiling as they are after the distressed and/or more natural appearance. Some prefer a more matte finish for their wood slab. While others want a glossier shinier look. And then of course, if you are putting a table outside, that will entail a completely different and more in-depth finishing process so as to ensure the piece holds up.
  • Schedule counts as well. Some Rochester customers want to put a rush on the piece as they need it for a specific date of event for example. And most of the time we can accommodate, however, this usually will increase the cost of the wood slab table in the end. As with most items, the longer the lead time, the more you could save on the bill.
  • Slab Thickness. Many people don’t realize that when it comes to wood slab cost, the thickness is very important. The thicker the wood slab used, the more expensive the table is ultimately going to be. Our standard is right around two inches. We have done some though where people are after a chunkier look that are upwards of four or more inches. It stands to reason that the more wood that is being used in the table creation, the more costly the piece overall.

Is Now the Time to Buy a Custom Wood Slab Table for Your Rochester Home?

This will really depend on a few things: budget of course and if your home is ready for such a piece. We’ve installed tables in homes that were part way through a renovation for instance, and it probably would have made sense to hold off a bit longer. This way you’re not worried about the wood slab table getting damaged during construction.

Then there is the budget…A solid slab table is without question an investment. Unlike average, order online manufactured tables, these are meant to last a lifetime, quite literally. The way they are crafted, the strength and durability inherent in the piece, they are not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it will probably become a legacy piece for many families. So while wood slab tables may cost more than something you could get otherwise, you are paying for quality, for peace of mind, for a truly unique table. That’s the thing, no one else in the entire world is ever going to have your table. It’s impossible.

Given the current climate, it’s a tough decision, we certainly get that. And we hope that when you do make that decision, that you give us a chance to consult with you on designing and hand crafting your one of a kind wood slab table.