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Custom Wood Vanity for a Modern Bathroom | Buffalo, NY | Timberkrete

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Custom Wood Vanity for a Modern Bathroom | Buffalo, NY | Timberkrete

When we think modern, we don’t necessarily think of a vanity crafted from wood slabs—and yet in some ways it doesn’t get any more modern than a custom wood vanity. Think about it, the versatility of wood slabs alone…We’ve designed wood vanities for modern baths, for industrial style master baths, even for minimalist contemporary designs. The key with a custom wood vanity is to understand how to work with the material and integrate the perfect coordinating materials. The Buffalo homes that we’ve installed such pieces in have run the gamut as far as design aesthetic. We love being able to develop new ideas and work with our western New York clients in crafting the perfect bathroom vanity.

What Constitutes Modern Bath Design?

First off, let’s look at what is meant by the term “modern” as it aligns with the world of design. As with anything, the idea of what is or what is not modern is constantly evolving. What was modern twenty years ago, well, obviously not modern today. So by today’s standards, below are a few of the bathroom design trends that would fall into the category of modern:

  • Simple Lines. When you look at a bathroom design that is modern, the tendency is for it to be “clean.” That is to say, minimal clutter, few accessories, and lines that are simple, straight and lead you to the focal points of the room. This way if you do opt for a custom wood vanity in your Buffalo area home, all signs (or shall we say lines) point in that direction.
  • Freestanding Tubs. Really in the past five years or so, the freestanding tub as a staple of modern design has gained prominence. People are realizing that tubs aren’t merely practical, they can be beautiful as well. And as it can be essentially any shape you want, the tub offers a world of design possibilities. We’ve even done some freestanding tubs as far as wrapping the exterior in a custom wood slab creation. Think outside the box!
  • Focus on Lighting. Gone are the days of same old same old vanity lighting. With the options available as far as modern style lighting, people are taking their bathrooms to whole new levels. Industrial sconces, even chandeliers over the tub, you name it and there’s probably lighting out there that can accommodate.

What A Custom Wood Vanity Brings to Modern Design

So let’s return to this question of a vanity crafted from unique wood slabs and how that qualifies as modern. Wood slabs aren’t just meant to be utilized in live edge pieces or more rustic style tables. In fact, we’ve probably crafted more modern and contemporary items utilizing our extensive wood slab inventory. This bathroom in western New York for example is distinctly modern. The client wanted clean lines and a feeling of symmetry upon entering the master bath. And while we left some distressing in the wood slab that we utilized, it sets off a perfect contrast with the uniformity of the grey tile. The piece was designed to bring warmth to this modern bathroom while still maintaining that overall contemporary feel.

Master Bath Countertop
custom wood vanity

How do you envision your modern bathroom? The texture and color of the wood slab really does lend itself to a truly modern aesthetic. We sit down with every client and consult with them regarding their vision for their bathroom, be it new build or remodel.

Some Ideas for Combining Elements in Your Custom Wood Vanity

One benefit of having a custom wood vanity created for your Buffalo, NY home is that you’re not limited to just the wood. Meaning, mixing materials is a hot design trend and we are definitely into skillfully blending wood with metal, or stone elements, glass perhaps, sky’s the limit here. A few inspiring design trends when it comes to mixing wood slabs with other materials:

  • Metal. Metal and wood are of course a classic combination. From the drawer pulls, to legs, to even accessorizing with metal brackets for example, the contrast of that metal with the richness of the wood lends true dimension to any bathroom vanity.
  • Glass. Tempered glass sinks for instance really do look amazing set again a wood slab vanity top. And with a glass sink you’re not limited to clear either. Glass sink bowls can come in a variety of colors, textures, levels of opaqueness. You can certainly get creative with style here.
  • Stone. Hand in hand with the popularity of glass sink bowls, stone bowls are also quite sought after. We’ve even seen some that are hewn out of a large rock. With a stone bowl on top of a custom wood vanity—that is definitely going to be a show stopper in any bathroom.

Q&A Regarding Custom Wood Vanities – Buffalo, New York

As we have done so many vanities crafted from wood slabs—everything from hickory, to walnut, to oak and maple—we’ve come across all kinds of questions from customers, so we thought we’d address some of them here.

  1. What kind of wood slab makes the best bathroom vanity? It really depends on taste here. Yes, some of the harder woods tend to be more durable, such that include walnut and oak. But if it is constructed properly and sealed the right way, you really can use any wood you like.
  2. How does the wood get protected? Obviously, the bathroom has a great deal of moisture and so people are right to be concerned about water on the wood. There are various levels of protection. And this is why hiring a professional to build and seal your custom wood vanity is so important. We specialize in offering the types of finishes and protectants that enable you to enjoy your wood slab piece for years to come.
  3. Why can’t I just make my own wood vanity top? You certainly can! And we’ve actually sold clients slabs that they were able to pick out at our slab yard so that they could in fact DIY their bathroom vanity. Again, we have years of experience when it comes to building custom wood vanities for our Buffalo (and surrounding area) clients. We understand the milling, sanding, and finishing processes—it is all we do. And we stand behind our pieces 100%.

Why We’re Buffalo, NY’s Premiere Wood Slab Furniture Company

We would love to consult with you for whatever type of piece you have in mind: wood slab table, live edge desk, walnut counters, and custom wood vanities. We do it all! And we pride ourselves on the uniqueness of every single piece we create. It’s about paying attention to the details and ensuring that the client is thoroughly satisfied with the finished product!