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Creating Custom Wood Trim | Wood Slabs Rochester | Timberkrete

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Creating Custom Wood Trim | Wood Slabs Rochester | Timberkrete

Most hear the phrase “wood slabs” and automatically their mind goes to wood slab tables. And certainly, slabs do make for some amazing tables, but there is also a great deal more that can be done with wood slabs. Timberkrete specializes in pushing the boundaries for our Rochester, NY (and surrounding area) clients. We’ve had requests for custom wood trim, stairs, and even slab doors. We love exploring what we can do with our raw material. And some of the finished pieces have been truly incredible.

Custom Wood Trim: Why It’s Becoming Incredibly Popular

A few of the more recent projects we’ve tackled in and around Rochester have been about more than just tables. Customers have a vision; they can see what their home is going to look like adorned with wood slab inspired pieces. Take this door and surrounding custom trim for example…It’s rustic and yet still has that innate elegance that only wood can offer. Composed of walnut slabs, the end result here is as much about art as it is about craftsmanship.

custom wood trim

The homeowners wanted to blend the naturalness and warmth that wood slab products embody with a more classic detail and finish. And while yes, creating custom wood trim can be a very intricate and specialized process, well, we totally think it’s worth it. As did the homeowners whose beautiful wood slab inspired design scheme really has taken their home’s aesthetic up a notch.

So why is wood slab created trim becoming increasingly popular…People more than ever want originality, they want something that would otherwise be a fairly run of the mill element of their home to now stand out and offer a new dimension to the overall aesthetic. Certainly you can get mdf trim or painted trim at a cheaper ratee, but then it just becomes another facet of your home that lacks character and subsequently blends into the background.

This most definitely is no blend into the background trim. In fact, upon entering a room it becomes an immediate focal point. It imbues the room with a richness and tactility that standard new build trim just cannot achieve. And the depth of color here of course lends itself to a subdued boldness.

Rochester, NY Home Design Trends

The Rochester home projects such as this, of which we’ve been honored to be a part, have given us some new perspective on home design overall. Did you know for example:

  • 2020 has seen a shift toward more “earth” oriented design schemes; that is to say, that which is inherent to nature. So for colors this means browns, ochres, greens and yellows. As far as materials, more wood, more stone, and metals also.
  • Spaces are becoming more multi-functional within the home. Especially as we realize a work from home revolution of sorts, rooms are now having to serve a variety of purposes. Flexibility of furniture pieces as far as overall design is thus key.
  • Focus more on health and well being. Again, in light of the events of 2020, nearly everyone is now concerned about how indoor spaces can more effectively promote health and well being overall. Things like light and ventilation are becoming more talked about topics. And even the materials used are being assessed for the good and/or harm that they might cause within the home.

The things we’ve learned while installing custom wood trim and/or wood slab tables within homes across the Greater Rochester area have been incredibly helpful in terms of giving us insight into what is trending and therefore the products that clients may be searching for.

A Custom Stairs: Mixing Materials

The truly great thing about working with wood slabs is that they do in fact lend themselves to pairing well with just about any material. And as previously noted, because people are prioritizing those materials that mimic nature, the combo of wood and metal really is a stunning one, and a very popular choice within many Rochester, NY homes we’re finding. This staircase and bannister is a wonderful case in point. Here we have the rustic look that began with a rough walnut slab combined with the classic look that comes from the combination here of custom metal work and the use of wood.

Now this becomes so much more than a standard staircase, it becomes yet another focal point in a house characterized by warmth and innovative design elements. The stringers on the stairs are also custom in conjunction with the spindle inserts. All told, a gorgeous stairs to look at and with integrity unmatched because of the sturdiness and solidity of the materials used in its construction.

Sustainable Products; Upcycling Mentality

One of the reasons so many in Rochester, New York homeowners have reached out to us to create custom wood trim and handmade wood slab tables for them is largely because of our philosophy. Upcycling involves taking materials that would otherwise be considered waste by some and utilizing them in beautiful and bold new ways. The trees from which our wood slabs come are either slated to be taken down because usually they are dying or have already been felled and are sitting in a facility somewhere waiting to become wood chips or mulch. Even in the most twisted and/or decayed tree, we see the possibilities. We see that gorgeous wood slab table that will never be duplicated because how can it be…We see custom trim work that has tons of character. And we see wood slab bar tops and countertops featured in Rochester area homes, giving an entirely new dimension to any home’s look and feel.

Getting Started on Your Custom Wood Slab Project

So what is your project? What is your desired wood species? And what end result/effect are you looking to create within your home? Perhaps you want that ultra rustic feel…we can certainly accommodate. Or how about a more classic look done in rich warm tones…yep, we do that too. Again that is the fantastic thing about wood slabs—their versatility. You can imagine the wood utilized in any way you want, and 99.9% of the time we can make it come to life for you. That is the other great thing about what we get to do everyday throughout Rochester, New York…We see clients excited about their homes and consequent home design and they want to make it even better, even more beautiful. That we are able to help them do that, is truly an amazing feeling.

The wood slab projects pictured here are just a start. If you want something like this in your home, something crafted from solid wood slabs, custom wood trim maybe, then we would love to sit down with you and view your design ideas. Beyond walnut, we also have in stock oak, spalted maple, cottonwood, tulip poplar, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Call today and let’s get started on realizing your beautiful wood slab project!